Peter Roennfeldt
Saturday 7 May
Basil Jones Orchestral Hall

Down Brisbane’s (Chamber Music) Memory Lane – highlights from the 1870s to the 1970s‘ – Prof Peter Roennfeldt presents a survey of Queensland’s chamber music tradition, from colonial times until the 1970s. Professor Peter Roennfeldt is well known for his research into Queensland’s music. He has published two books, numerous articles, and also given public presentations on topics including the careers of key local musicians and the history of significant venues and musical organisations.

Professor Peter Roennfeldt has taught across many areas at the Conservatorium since the mid-1980s, including his main interests in music history and keyboard repertoire. Through his interests in early music, chamber music and also choral music he has explored much lesser-known repertoire through creation of new editions and local premieres performance. Professor Roennfeldt has held leadership positions with the National Council of Tertiary Music Schools and the Australian National Choral Association, as well as serving as Queensland Conservatorium’s sixth Director. He has published and lectured widely on various topics, and also contributed to the recording project associated with ‘Music Queensland’ curated by the State Library. Professor Roennfeldt’s monograph on the history of the Queensland Conservatorium will be published in 2012.